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Practical Driving Test

Practical Driving Test

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The Practical Driving Test involves you driving for around 40 minutes on various road types and conditions.

Eyesight check

The first part of the test involves the examiner asking you to read a vehicle number plate at a distance of 20 metres (new style plate) or 20.5 metres (old style plate) to check your eyesight. Not being able to read the number plate at the required distance will result in the distance being measured out accurately by another examiner before you being allowed to try a second time. Failing to read it on a second attempt will result in a serious fault being recorded and the test terminated before you even sit in the car, and your test fee lost. An eyesight check is the first thing that your instructor will do with you on your first lesson, so please make sure if you wear glasses or contact lenses that you bring them with you on your first and every driving lesson. For more information on the eyesight test CLICK HERE.

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

You will then be asked two simple vehicle safety questions, one ‘show me’ and one ‘tell me’. These include how to check that the vehicle lights are working and how they are operated, how to open the bonnet and check the engine fluid levels, and how to operate and check various other items and controls on the vehicle.

You will receive a driver fault mark for each question answered incorrectly.

To view these questions in full with a full explanation of the answers CLICK HERE.

Reversing Manoeuvre

Throughout the drive you will be asked by the examiner to perform one of the following exercises:

  • Turn in the road
  • Reverse left or right
  • Parallel or bay parking

For these exercises you will be required to deliver smooth and accurate operation of the controls of the vehicle, whilst carrying out effective observations to ensure that you and everyone around you is safe.

Emergency Stop

In addition 1 in 3 candidates may be asked to perform an emergency stop. For this exercise the examiner will pull you over at the side of the road and explain that shortly he / she will be giving you a signal to stop the car (this signal varies, but each examiner will demonstrate the signal they will give). Once they have given you the instruction they will then ask you to drive on again as normal before shortly giving you the signal. As soon as they have given you the signal to stop, you will need to demonstrate that you can stop the car as quickly and safely as possible (as if a child had run it front of the car) and under full control.

Independent Driving

For ten minutes of the test you will be asked to drive independently by either following road signs to a destination identified by the examiner, or by following a series of directions shown on a basic map by the examiner, or a combination of both. This is not a test of your navigation skills, and if you do not follow the exact route you will not receive a fault mark providing you are safe in the route you take, and the examiner will help with directions to get you back on route.

By the end of the test you are permitted to commit no more the 15 driver faults in total, with no serious or dangerous faults, to achieve a pass mark.

Your instructor will cover a detailed syllabus of lessons to ensure complete readiness for your test, whether it be at Wood Green, Wanstead, Enfield, or any of the other driving test centres within our catchment area, and most importantly make you a safe, confident, and responsible driver.

To book your Practical Driving Test make sure you use the official Government website