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Refresher lessons

If you haven’t driven for some time, it can be a daunting prospect getting back on the road. Flash Driving School can help with a course of refresher driving lessons designed to build up and regain your confidence in practical day to day driving.
Refresher lesson scenarios we cater for include:

  • Passed driving test some time ago and not driven since
  • Never driven in London traffic before
  • Never driven in the UK or right hand drive car before
  • Au Pair assessments
  • Manual gear box refresher after driving an automatic car
  • Trouble with parking the car
  • Not confident with busy town centres
  • Motorway and dual carriageway lessons
  • Mature driver assessments

Individual lessons or a course or lesson can be tailored to your individual requirements.

To enquire about refresher lessons, please contact us on 07543 345 543